Diego Schwartzman will make his Davis Cup début against Brazil this weekend. Selected as a starter for Argentina, the 22-year-old, currently ranked 63rd in the world’s rankings, is seeing his first call for his country’s team with a lot of wisdom, and his near-invariable good spirits.

– By Caroline Paquin and Diego Amuy

“It’s a very nice thing”, said Schwartzman to BATennis World about his nomination during Tuesday’s press meeting. “It’s a new experience, in a sense that this time, I might be on the court rather than on the bench and those are two different things that you live. Before, I only had the position to practice well so that the others get to the weekend in good conditions. But this time, maybe I will be playing and this will be something nice and hopefully this first experience will be a good one.”

Talking a mile a minute, visibly extremely happy with this new situation at a moment when his career is starting to soar to new heights, “el Peke”, as he is affectionately called, also had many words of wisdom to offer: “There is nothing more wonderful than this, seeing everyone in the background, and it’s nice to be recognised by others”, he said. “Tennis is an individual sport, but in this case, it’s a Davis Cup team, and you can call “copero” [NDLR: a term used to describe the players who are Davis Cup driven and perform well or better during this competition] one player or another, but the reality is that we are a team and that everyone puts in their grain of salt, and nothing ends in just the one tie. And hopefully, if I get to play, everything will go well but if the team doesn’t do well it won’t be useful at all. So everyone who gets to play has to bring everything possible, and hopefully it will be in Argentina’s favour in order to win the tie.”

In the end, Schwartzman has been chosen by captain Daniel Orsanic to play the doubles alongside Federico Delbonis against the seasoned pair of Marcelo Melo and Bruno Soares.

However, regardless of the weekend’s results, he is making sure that his first experience as a starter for Argentina will be a memorable one, and makes his good spirits contagious, making everyone laugh by joking around about his height during the official doubles photo, where he is standing next to the very tall Marcelo Melo, and even going as far as being the one to introduce his team-mates during the post-draw press conference:


It will be, and already is, without a doubt, a weekend to remember for Diego Schwartzman, and one he is making sure to enjoy as much as he can.