The news that there are many chances that Juan Martín del Potro will play Davis Cup, and that he might do it as soon as against Brazil in the first round, next March, rejoiced us all. After all, the Davis Cup is the one thing that is missing in Argentinian sport and counting on the presence of the one who is currently the best tennis player of the country makes us all dream.

However, I disagree with those who say that del Potro is on his own in the team. Sometimes I get the feeling that we have a very weak memory. Juan Martín del Potro has not played the Davis Cup since 2012, yet Argentina remains in the World Group.

This year, Argentina beat Israel as visitors with an impressive display from Leonardo Mayer, and in 2013, they reached the semifinals after defeating France and Germany, only falling to the Czech Republic, who ended up winning the tournament for the second consecutive year.

Let’s be respectful and remember things clearly. It is all right that, in order to dream about and go and try to win this elusive Davis Cup, we should need del Potro. But let’s not lack respect towards the rest of the team. Those who fought hard and harder still so that Argentina may still have chances and hopes to dream big.