They have provided a lot of the best quotes of the Australian Open so far, and for the big return of this column after a few days’ interruption, we decided to offer you their gems from 16 to 20 January.

The best of… Andy Murray and Roger Federer.

Jokerer (1)

Q. What’s the best part of being Roger Federer? What do you enjoy in your life now?

ROGER FEDERER: I like the check‑ins at airports. Packing the bags is good fun. What else? Playing in 42 degrees heat (laughter).

Jokerer (2)

Q. Andy Murray was asked a fun question the other day. If there was an imaginary tournament of the player with the legendary coach, he thought that he and Lendl would win. Hewitt said that he and Patrick would win. How do you think you and Stefan would step up?

ROGER FEDERER: Wouldn’t win because these guys are already winning, so…

A happy Federer is a joking Federer
A happy Federer is a joking Federer

Zen, but not superstitious

Q. There was a story other day in a local paper about you being quite superstitious. They wrote that you are obsessed with the number 8. Is that true? Do you have these kind of mental…

ROGER FEDERER: No, no, I’m not superstitious at all. 8 is my favorite number, but obsessed would be a bit extreme.

Q. That you always ask for eight towels?

ROGER FEDERER: No (Laughter.) Three. Bad feng shui for me here.

Jokerer (3)

On being back in the quarter-finals after two Grand Slam out of them: “So this is nice being back in the quarters, because I haven’t been in one, you know, for two now, Wimbledon and the US Open. So I’m back on a streak of 36, so we’ll see where it goes now. (smiling)”

But the best one really is…

Racquet-breaking 101, by Andy Murray

Andy Murray explained in detail how to destroy a racquet
Andy Murray explained in detail how to destroy a racquet

Q. On the racquet smashers, have you ever studied the great masters, the Gulbises, the Baghdatises?

ANDY MURRAY: Not really. The Head racquets, they break fairly easily, so I try not to bounce my racquet much.

But, yeah, I mean, a lot of guys sort of hold it by the throat and kind of throw it face down. That’s how you would throw it if you didn’t want to break the racquet.

Whereas if you just kind of go flat with the frame, or if you just hit the frame like that, the racquet’s gone straightaway.

Q. And you wanted it to die?

ANDY MURRAY: It’s not living, so… (Smiling) Yeah, I don’t feel like I killed it, but it won’t be getting used again.

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