Andy Murray

New heartbreak for Andy Murray

The Scot is now forced to consider more options for his hip

Why do Nadal, Djokovic, and Ferrer win on clay?

The keys to winning on clay

How to get extraordinary results

What makes a great performance extraordinary?
Alexander Zverev in Montreal

If Zverev had studied something…

What would he have studied?
Denis Shapovalov into the semifinals

“I think Shapovalov is going to be a wonderful player.”

The young Canadian honoured by Federer's praise

David Ferrer splits with his coach

If the news of Novak Djokovic appointing Boris Becker as head coach took the tennis world by surprise, it is nothing compared to the shock wave of David Ferrer announcing, today, that he had split with Javier Piles, his...

Del Potro’s Open Letter to Jaite and the AAT

Juan Martín del Potro, in order to come clear with the press and, most of all, with the public, has rendered public, today, the content of the email he has sent to Arturo Grimaldi, President of the Asociación Argentina...

Del Potro: we have a comeback date!

The Tower of Tandil is set to return in Delray Beach after almost a year away from the courts

A third wrist surgery for Juan Martín del Potro

The future does not look bright for the Argentine, against forced to put his career on hold due to recurring wrist issues

Del Potro in Rochester

Argentina's number one player, Juan Martín del Potro, was in Rochester today, where he met the Dr Richard Berger for the first time since the left wrist surgery he underwent on 24 March. In a brief statement on his Facebook...