Rafael Nadal: a Justified Year-End Number One

It was only a matter of time until it became official and the spectacular win, today, in his second Round Robin match against Stanislas Wawrinka, only confirmed the nearly ineluctable: Rafael Nadal will finish the year on top of...

From Temuco to the beautiful Mendoza

The life of a tennis player is a nomadic life. Tomás Buchhass's first column for BATennis World.

The Imitation Game II: The Perfect Tennis Player

Building the perfect player, and the easiest return of serve tip

All isn’t lost

It is always possible to bounce back when a player is in a confidence crisis

From the Australian Open in Melbourne to the Fed Cup in Argentina

Commitments can play havoc with a tennis player's health, as demonstrated with Serena Williams's last few weeks
Diego Schwartzman in Montreal

Schwartzman takes a giant step in Montreal

First top 10 win for the Argentine
Novak Djokovic

Injured, Djokovic puts an end to his season

The Serbian has been suffering from an elbow injury for over a year

Sharapova: “I would love to be a champion here for the first time.”

Maria Sharapova will make her début in Montreal
with one goal in mind: winning the tournament

Another surgery for Juan Martín del Potro

The Argentine suffers another big setback with his left wrist injury

Pella takes a break

Guido Pella announced his decision
to stop tennis for a little while