Almost four years have passed since the last time Juan Martín del Potro played Davis Cup for Argentina. There have been the injuries, which have kept him out of the courts for over a year (on and off), as well as issues with the former management of the Argentine Tennis Association (AAT).

Now, however, everything is resolved. The AAT has changed a lot of its directors, and Delpo is, at last, healthy.

And for the first time since the semifinals against the Czech Republic, back in 2012, he is back with the team. Argentina is currently in Pesaro, where they will face Italy in the quarter-finals.

This Monday, del Potro practised for the first time with his team-mates:

We don’t yet know if the Tower of Tandil will play singles or doubles. But judging by his practising doubles alongside Guido Pella, the latter is more likely.

Tuesday: del Potro practises with Mónaco

The “boys from Tandil” have, at last, resolved their conflicts and, since Monday, they have been practising together quite a bit:


(Photo: Adrián Quiroga/Prensa AAT)