On Sunday, we had the chance to chat with Dusan Lajovic following his first-round win at the French Open.

Friendly and funny, it was a nice moment with the world n°67.

BATennis World: You’re part of the younger generation of Serbian players, and I know that Novak Djokovic has been giving you advice. What kind of advice has he been giving you?

Dusan Lajovic: None anymore. He stopped. [He laughs.] No, I’m joking. Right now I’m 24, almost 25, so I don’t consider myself so young anymore but I’m obviously younger than a lot of players in the top 100. In a way, I still have a lot of years to play. Being around Novak is always good. He always gives me good advice. Doesn’t matter if it’s about tennis or about other things you should do for your tennis. I always try to listen and pick it up here and there, whatever he says, and try to do it in my way.

BATW: It is listed that your influences were Pete Sampras and Gastón Gaudio. Could you tell me about that?

DL: When I was younger, I always liked to watch Pete play, and also Gastón, because he had a really nice one-handed backhand. Because of that, I enjoy to try and play my game a little like him. Sampras was always calm on the court. It doesn’t matter if it were important points or not, he was always staying the same and this I liked about him.

BATW: I also heard that you were watching Gaudio on YouTube to copy his backhand. Is it true?

DL: In my free time, when I’m in my room, when I have time, I always watch some of the past matches, and try and learn some things by myself. And yeah, I was watching him play. [He smiles.]

BATW: Serbia is playing in Argentina in a couple of months’ time for the Davis Cup quarter-finals. What do you expect of that tie, because you’re coming to Gastón Gaudio’s land?

DL: I hope that we win and that we go through to the semifinals. Of course, if we have our best team, we have really good chances to win that tie. On the other hand, it will be in Argentina. We all know that it’s a great atmosphere there. It’s tough to beat the Argentinian team in their own country. But I hope that we can enjoy ourselves in our time there as well, in this great atmosphere, and to get the win in the end.

Many thanks for your time, Dusan, and all the best in Paris!