“Everything started in Cincinnati” is something we might hear as a justification to the continuance of the Swiss legend.

Thanks to Roger Federer, the “chip & charge” (return and volley) makes a return into the tennis conversation after 15 years of near-absence. Everyone has been fascinated by this technique used by Federer in Cincinnati, which is good for the show, but not an example of tactics to be taught the young players.

Why? Because in general, the chip & charge is a very risky move, which has little efficiency… except for Roger Federer!

Federer's return position in Cincinnati (Graphic and capture: Tennis TV)
Federer’s return position in Cincinnati
(Graphic and capture: Tennis TV)

Federer needed a new drive and this stategy gave him wings (almost literally). Innovation is a word which characterises the Swiss, in search of his 18th Grand Slam. Everyone saw him using this technique, everyone marveled at it, and everyone knew that only he could execute such plays, even against the number one and number two players in the world, namely Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray.


Tennis understands Roger Federer perfectly, and this includes by permitting him to reinvent the game.