Happy New Year to all! I hope that you had a good 2014, a great start to this year, and that you spent the Holidays with your family and your loved ones.

For my part, I spent the New Year on an island in the Delta del Tigre alongside 12 friends and the customary Argentinian BBQ and we had a lot of fun.

As far as tennis is concerned, 2014 was not a good year for me, but I am very confident that things will improve this year.

I started my pre-season for 2015 with a lot of motivation and optimism, doing a daily amount of intense four hours of tennis and two hours of physical work.

However, the heat here in Argentina is very draining this time of year. The temperatures never go below 30°C (86°F), which makes the day a bit more tiring. Today, I completed my third day of pre-season, and right now I am pretty tired, but tomorrow will only be a single turn of practice in order to recover my energy to start over with a full day on Friday. On Saturday, I will do a bigger tennis practice and this will end my first week of pre-season.

Planning the start of the season, but without new racquets

A few weeks ago, I was explaining that because of some political decisions here in the country, the imports are closed, which means that no products from abroad are coming in. In my case, it affects me since there are no racquets for me to buy, which means that I have to wait until there are some available to purchase new ones.

For me, the season will start on 16 February, in Pereira, Colombia, where I will play three consecutive Futures in the same city, and then come back to Argentina.

Until next week!