The tournament of Temuco, Chile, is the tournament which prompted me to write a letter to the ITF and to the AAT to express my feelings and explain what we live in the Futures, not only in Chile, but also in Argentina and all over the world. This letter had an unexpected repercussion, and I received many messages of support, as well as from fellow tennis players telling me of their respective experiences, which sadly did not differ from mine. The help and support from top players were important for this diffusion, and I hope that it will continue and lead to some changes.

The life of a tennis player is characterised by a fact: we are nomadic. We go from town to town and the latest tournament I played was in Argentina, in the city of Mendoza. It was a long trip from Temuco to Mendoza: 12 hours of bus from Temuco to Santiago, an hour and a half of wait, then 4-5 hours until Mendoza.

Once arrived in that beautiful city, I was accommodated in a two-star hotel with a friend with whom I train, whereas during the first two weeks in Chile, I was alone.

During my stay in Mendoza, I also went to watch the Leonas play... and win!
During my stay in Mendoza, I also went to watch the Leonas play… and win!

As for the tournament itself, it was a $15,000 held in a very beautiful venue. The tournament director, Leo Olguín, was extremely nice with the players, as was the ITF supervisor.

There was a huge difference between that tournament and the one before! There were balls to practice with and the courts were in perfect conditions. Furthermore, there were those details which really make someone feel like a professional player: fruit tables, fridges on the courts, physios. It was a great tournament, although the results did not go the way I wished, as I lost in the final round of qualification. But this is also what it’s all about: for better or for worse, we have to put up with things that are not as good.

Beyond the results, the ranking, and the achievements, in the end, we are all equal. We are not a number which brands what we are; we are all tennis players. Be it Federer, Nadal or Djokovic, they all have this in common with the last player to appear in the ATP rankings, with the difference that they obviously have another type of talent.

What I mean is that regardless of the fact that one hits the ball better than another, it doesn’t mean that he does it more (or less). In the end, we all deserve the same respect and the right to play in acceptable conditions in order to develop the game.

The end of the tournament in Mendoza was also the end of my season and now, it’s time for much expected vacations! It is time for me to spend time with my family, friends, girlfriend, and then plan the pre-season and the start of next year to begin 2015 completely reloaded!