Juan Martín del Potro is scheduled to make his return to competition in Brisbane, which will be played from 4 to 11 January 2015 and, from there, will play in Sydney, where he is defending champion and has received a wild card, and at the Australian Open. All this, of course, if he is feeling well enough.

For there is still much uncertainty and many a doubt remaining regarding his left wrist, considering that he has played his last tournament in February of this year. Upon his return to the ATP World Tour, almost a year will have passed and he will, therefore, lack competition matches.

Such is the panorama for Juan Martín del Potro, today.

The left wrist

Last Thursday, Delpo was forced to start hitting one-handed backhands during a practice session, due to the return of the pain in his left wrist. For this reason, he had to cancel a scheduled training with Leonardo Mayer. However, he had been hitting his usual two-handed backhand all week prior to that incident, and was hitting two-handers this morning, albeit lightly.

He is, in any way, in constant contact with his doctors, and is still waiting for the evolution of the pain in his left wrist, a pain which might be only normal following the surgery.

An important thing to bear in mind is that after having surgery in his right wrist, he played with pain for the first four months following his return to the Tour, which worsened when it was humid. To this day, there is no trace left of those pains in his right wrist, and it might be just the same with the left one.

The problems with the Davis Cup

The conflict between the Tower of Tandil and the Davis Cup started in 2008, in the time between the semifinals against Russia and the now sadly famous final against Spain in Mar Del Plata. Del Potro’s discontent has always been with the management, whose support he has never really felt.

The issues only worsened during the 2012 semifinals against the Czech Republic, in Parque Roca. Del Potro felt that the team, the captain (Martín Jaite), and the management had “given up on him” despite his being injured and having played, and won, a crucial point for the Argentinian team in that tie (this is, at least, how he feels).

Will Juan Martín del Potro play the Davis Cup in 2015?

First of all, everything depends on how del Potro returns to the Tour and on how his wrist feels after the recovery. The intention of Juan Martín de Potro is, indeed, to play the Davis Cup in 2015 although it is impossible to specify, at present, whether or not he will be present in the tie against Brazil, which will be played from 6 to 8 March 2015 in Argentina.

The appointment of Daniel Orsanic as captain of the Argentine squad, which was confirmed last week, as well as other changes which are in the making inside the Asociación Argentina de Tenis (one of which being the incorporation of Marcelo Gómez, del Potro’s first coach, at development), and the reconciliation with Juan Martín and his team by the management are fundamental bases for the Tandil native to come back to the team. Consequently, that is what will be done.

If his physical condition permits and that no injuries get in the way, del Potro will be back in Argentina’s Davis Cup team in 2015.

This isn’t a feeling or a prediction from the one who is writing.

This is what Juan Martín del Potro feels and thinks.