On Thursday, Juan Martín del Potro showed that there are things that are much more important than tennis.

Suffering from knee issues for quite some time, Nicolás Almagro, whom the Argentine was facing in the second round of the French Open, was forced to retire at the start of the third set, when the pain in his knee had become too unbearable for him to keep playing.

What happened next showed that del Potro really is the gentlest of giants. He went to Almagro’s side when the Spaniard was lying down on the court. Then, at the net, when Almagro was unable to stop crying, he went to him and hugged him for a long time, before sitting down with him and talking to him for a long moment.

After all, if someone knows what the Spaniard is going through, it is Delpo.

What did he tell his disconsolate rival? He “spoke to him from the heart”, as he told the media afterwards.

Heaven knows that his heart is one of the biggest you can find.