Johanna Konta has a good flair for analysis, be it for her matches or those of the WTA Tour. In fact, her words following her first-round win against Jelena Ostapenko, in Montreal, shed a complete other understanding on some recent wins of the women’s professional tour.

“There’s a lot to be said where the women’s game is now”, said the Brit. “I think it’s in a really, really strong position. The depth of our tour is getting bigger and bigger. That’s why we continuously see, as you guys call it, upsets. We call it just another tough match in the very first rounds of every tournament, Slams, these tournaments, San Jose. There’s no easy rounds any more. I think that makes it that much tougher for players to stay consistently in the top five and top 10. The ones that are there over the last few years, an even bigger hat off to them.”

A whole new perspective where the recent upsets are concerned.

Konta reflects on Serena and on motherhood

Johanna Konta also reflected on Serena Williams’s Instagram message, in which the American, among other things, came back on her sensations the week before, which possibly led to her staggering defeat against the Brit. Admitting not to have seen Williams’s post, Konta nevertheless had some great words for the tennis legend:

“I’m not a mother, so I cannot comment on those feelings. I hope that joy and that difficulty awaits me at some point in my life. I think she’s an incredibly tough individual. I’m sure she’s very demanding of herself as she has been in the sport. I’m sure she’s just as demanding of herself in her private life as well to do right by the people around her.

“I think she’s doing the best that she can. I’m sure that’s what she shared.”

Konta also reiterated her support of the players who decide to have children during their tennis career: “I think motherhood is a choice, so I think as long as that choice is open for the players who wish to go down that road and have a child, then come back to play, as long as that avenue is open, they are supported. I think that’s the route we are on now. That’s the thing that’s being done. I think that’s the most important thing. Me personally, I’d like to have children after I finish my career. It’s a very personal choice how people would like to do their careers”, she said.

In the second round, the former world number four will face another of the tour’s young mothers, Victoria Azarenka.