Renzo Olivo was facing young Russian sensation Andrey Rublev, this Thursday, in the second round of the Moscow Challenger. The Argentine, ranked 164 in the world (a career high), lost 6-3, 3-6, 6-4 to the 17-year-old, currently N°235 in the world, but it is not the defeat that stung him.

What bothered Olivo was the attitude of the local player, which had gone unpunished and prompted him to write an open letter, which he published on his Twitter account:

Renzo Olivo agreed to our translating his letter:

Hello everyone,

As some of you know, today I lost in the second round of the Moscow Challenger and I would like to make a public complaint and thus also have possibility of it getting to the ATP. I am disappointed with what happened during today’s match, in which the rival played against the rules a couple of times, and threatened me.

I am disappointed because the umpires don’t make the decisions that they should. We also make mistakes, and we pay for them, literally. However, the umpires don’t…

Breaking the rules is something that’s wont to happen now and then. I admit to having made mistakes, too, and to have broken rules sometimes. But to receive threats during a match, when the rules state that the match should be suspended, this I don’t tolerate.

The umpire was very conscious of what happened. However, he decided not to take any action.

Once the match was over, very angry with what happened, I lowered my head and left. Upon coming out of the court, I felt someone grabbing me, and there is someone from the crowd, ready to hit me. Luckily, I could push him away and people from the crowd managed to stop him.

I suppose that many of you will understand my frustration, or not, and maybe another player will have lived something similar, but I took the decision to make this public and thus reach the ones who are reading this letter and tell them that this “white” sport, as we think it is, is getting dirty, and this isn’t anything new.

It is frustrating to deal with constant threats because what happened today was public, but we receive such threats all the time from betters and others in social media.

My goal isn’t to change things because I know that they won’t. My goal is to be able to reach you, nothing more.

Thank you!

Incidentally, Fernando Verdasco also had rather harsh words directed at Rublev after his loss to the Russian in the first round of Barcelona at the end of April, and denouncing the behaviour of the number 6 player in the Junior rankings.

What Olivo wrote tends to confirm the Spaniard’s criticism at the time was quite justified.

Nevertheless, if Renzo Olivo has, indeed, been threatened by his rival, let us hope that the ATP will take his complaint in consideration and that action will be taken.




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