Andy Murray is back in Montreal for the first time since winning the title in 2015.

Andy Murray has not played the Coupe Rogers, in Montreal, since 2015. He had then won the title, defeating Novak Djokovic in a very entertaining final.

Since then, the Scot has struggled with a hip injury, which nearly put an end to his career. However, after undergoing surgery last winter, he not only has a metal hip, he also plays and, most importantly, lives pain free, and he is back on court since Queen’s, albeit only in doubles.

For now.

For Sir Andy is getting closer and closer to a singles return, as he reiterated to the press at the Coupe Rogers.

“There’s a chance, but I wouldn’t pick the U.S. Open as my first tournament in terms of singles, so if I was to play I’d have to potentially play next week [NDLR: in Cincinnati].

“I’m not in any rush to start playing again. Practice has been going pretty well. I’ll see with my team what sort of strategy we can come up with to try and progress at a good pace, not where I’m rushing but also not where I’m going so slow that it can be potentially frustrating for me.

“I’m getting competitive matches with the doubles and I’m around the tournaments and able to practise with the top players. I can really see where my game’s at. I’m doing fine, I’m doing pretty well in the practices. Things are going smoothly. I’m playing a set of singles, now, while competing in the doubles.

“I just need to progress from there, but I’m doing quite well.”

– Andy Murray

Murray with López until the U.S. Open

Andy Murray
Andy Murray

At the Coupe Rogers, Andy Murray is teaming up with Feliciano López, with whom he made his comeback, at Queen’s, where “Andyliciano” won the title.

In fact, the Scot will be playing with his Spanish compañero in Montreal, Cincinnati, and at the U.S. Open, unless he aligns in singles in Cincinnati, as he explained to BATennis World:

“I spoke to Feli at the end of the grass season about this period [NDLR: Montreal, Cincinnati, U.S. Open] and he was sort of asking what I was going to be doing at that stage. I wasn’t looking at singles, necessarily, because I hadn’t done any physical testing and stuff, which I was planning on doing just after the grass. So we spoke about playing doubles in Canada and Cincy. I think their Davis Cup captain had wanted him to potentially play with one of the Spanish players at the U.S. Open, but since then he was OK with us potentially playing together at the U.S. Open as well.

“We chatted a bit about that, but then, as I progressed, I didn’t want to commit to anything, because I’m not going to be playing singles and doubles at the U.S. Open. So I’m down with Feli this week. If I play doubles next week, I’ll play with him as well, but if I play singles, I won’t do both. So I’m just going, actually [chuckles] literally just now day by day because I’m getting quite close now. It’s not like singles is three months away for me. It’s fairly close.

“I can’t commit too far ahead yet because things can change in the next ten days or so.”

– Andy Murray

We can only rejoice upon the near singles return of the former number one, especially with the care he is taking in coming back in the best potential shape. We will see how things progress from this point forward.

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