It is a new Wednesday, so here I am, telling you a little more about how things are going in the unknown part of professional tennis.

I am currently into my second week of vacations, and even though, due to the dates, I cannot go anywhere (everyone in Argentina is working at this time of the year), it is wonderful to be home after travelling all year, and I am enjoying it immensely.

On Monday, I will be starting my pre-season, but only with physical work. Then, on the 29th, I will begin complete training (gym + tennis).

In the last few days I’ve been planning where I will start my season. I had the choice between the United States, where there are four consecutive weeks of tournaments in Florida, or doing a few extra weeks of pre-season and then start in Peru on the week of 9 February. In the end, I will most likely opt for Peru, because the costs are much lower when it comes to the transport, accommodation, and general fees.

Here is a bit of the reality that we live here in Argentina and which is causing us much harm in tennis and explains some of our decisions: for political reasons, there is no way to buy U.S. dollars in the country. Officially, the U.S. dollar is listed at 8.50 Argentinian pesos, but the reality is that it is 1 USD for 12 pesos. Furthermore, if you use your credit card outside the country, you have a 35% surcharge. For this reason, and also for other considerations, it is economically better to look for closer locations.

I also wanted to buy some new racquets, but because of an import issue, they don’t carry my model (Babolat Pure Drive), as well as several others, anywhere at the moment, and should only receive them at the beginning of January. However, I am ready to start practising with the ones I have left. On top of that, I went to pass some tests with my nutritionist and meet with sports doctors for my supplements in order to be completely ready to start over, with the will and optimism that I will have a great 2015!

Regarding the Futures prize money and everything related to my open letter, we are receiving great news from the ITF. You can see them here. Then again, we, as players, need to have more contacts with the ITF, and we must speak up when something is not the way we think it should be. We are the ones who can make things change.

Until next Wednesday!