This year, we are celebrating a special anniversary for Rafael Nadal: the tenth anniversary of his first crown at the Rogers Cup, in Montreal, which was his first hard court title.

What has changed for the Spaniard in those ten years? “In those ten years, I’ve enjoyed a lot of great moments, and some small bad moments but in general it’s been a fantastic ten years for me. It’s great to be back in Montreal”, said Nadal.

“There sure is more behind me than in front of me”, he continued with a laugh. “But I don’t think about that. I go day by day. That’s my way to work, all the time. In 2005, I was 19 years old. Now I’m 29 and I’m pretty sure that I’m not going to play tennis until 39 so… [Laughs] That’s part of everyone’s career and life but I have the motivation to keep going and for the moment it’s difficult to think of the moment [of retirement]. A lot of people are asking me when that moment will arrive, when I will stop playing tennis, and I always say the same: when that moment arrives, I will know. When I wake up in the morning and I don’t have the motivation to go on court and practise, when I don’t have the motivation to improve something, that will be the end. And until that day arrives, I’m here and I’m enjoying tennis.”

Just coming from winning the title in Hamburg, the Mallorcan admits to be feeling great: “My health is great. In the 2015 season I have to say that until today, I have been very healthy. I’m here in Montreal, practising as much as I can with positive feelings and coming from a very big victory for me. That always gives you positive energy and good feelings.

“Mentally, [in Hamburg], I’ve been very stable during the whole week, something I haven’t been able to do this season. It’s something that I’m happy [about]. That should be the way I have to play. It was one of my strongest points during my career. This year, I felt like my mental part was more up and down, on and off than usual. I’m working well, and I hope that that week in Hamburg will help me here.”

This positive feeling can be seen a lot since his arrival in the Quebec metropolis. Working hard, smiling, and visibly enjoying himself, it is clear that we will be able to continue enjoying Rafael Nadal’s presence, game, and fighting spirit for several more years.




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