After Conchita Martínez saved the backside of the Spanish Federation following the Gala León fiasco, we thought we had seen the end of their circus.

Visibly, we were all wrong.

In a very laconic release, the RFET has announced:

“The Governing Board of the RFET, relying on general consensus, has decided to put an end to the contract of Conchita Martínez as captain of the Spanish Davis Cup and Fed Cup teams.”

And thus, without prior warning, ended five incredible years by Martínez at the head of the Fed Cup team, and three with the Davis Cup. She had taken the post as Davis Cup captain when the former president had named Gala León, without consulting the players, thus adding fuel to a conflict that had been going on for a long, long time.

It seems like, with that last, surprise move, they will not only have the wrath of the men, but also of the women, as Martínez was a respected, and liked, captain and mentor.

Conchita Martínez reacts to the Spanish Federation’s decicion

Following the Spanish Federation’s announcement, Conchita Martínez took to her personal blog to voice her feelings about her sacking, which we translate here:

“I want to share with you my deception and my uneasiness with the RFET who, at the last moment of this afternoon, announced me that they will not count on me for the next season.

“It is very ungrateful to take the helm of the ship when there’s a storm and, when you manage to get peace and commitment, they get rid of you. We imagined that the situation would change with the arrival of the new direction, but it’s more of he same, tennis remains without being a priority.

“In difficult circumstances, I have accepted their conditions which, in another situation, I would not.

“The neglect I have felt during those months have foretold me that they would get rid of my work, even more so when, for the first time in the last few years, this new executive withdrew me the possibility to accompany the players and follow-up with them in person during the Grand Slams.

“I understand that changes are, sometimes, necessary, and that after three years, I could expect the one from the Daivs Cup, but not that of the Fed Cup, in which the fundations were completely settled after five years.

“I am very thankful to our players; it has been a positive experience, from which I take the emotions felt and lived in each and every one of the ties in which we have defended the Spanish colours. I am proud to have been able to work with the best tennis players of the world.

“I’m hurting for the fans, with whom I’ve shared the love and passion for tennis, who have been always there supporting us, in every match, on TV, in the stands, or with their messages on the social networks.

“My will and motivation remain intacts, like on the first day. I would’ve liked to continue, but the decision has been unilateral from the RFET.

“I consider that, after all my contribution and involvement with Spanish tennis, I did not deserve an ending such as this one, which is, to me, so disrespectful.

“Conchita Martínez”

An immense help

It is impossible to disagree with Martínez regarding the form in which she has been cast aside. She took the reins of the Davis Cup team in a terrible situation, rebuilt the unity which the same Spanish Federation had broken, and she did it amazingly.

She travelled with Garbiñe Muguruza and was one of the people behind her Wimbledon crown, a few months ago.

She captained both Fed and Davis Cup teams with professionalism, passion, and integrity.

The way the RFET got rid of her was offhanded and rude. She deserved better, and we can only hope that the players will react accordingly.