In Montreal, Sloane Stephens has advanced to the quarter-finals after defeating Carla Suárez Navarro 6-2, 7-5.

However, it was not her brilliant win that caught everyone’s attention, but her spontaneity in her post-match press conference.

Talking about Suárez Navarro’s comeback in the second set, which followed match points that the American failed to convert on the Spaniard’s serve, she got rather carried away:

“I mean, it was 5-1, yeah, but she held at 5-1. I got broken, whatever. She called her coach at 5-2. She played two really good games. It kind of just gets away from you. I don’t think it was a matter of, like, holy hell, it’s going to shit. Oh, sorry (smiling).”


Stephens at it again talking about the shot clock

Then, at the end of her press conference, Stephens was asked about the shot clock, a new aspect of the game that she quite likes.

As she explained the lack of sanctions if the 25 seconds limit is passed, her spontaneous side took over once again:

“I just kind of think if they’re clocking it at 25 seconds, they’re taking too long, tell them to speed up. If not… If they start taking money away from people, I’m sure they’ll move their asses, so…”

Stephens has a point in this instance. More severe “sanctions” for going over the time limit would probably make the players speed up a bit.

Nevertheless, her slips of the tongue made her, and the press, laugh quite a bit.