In times in which the two-handed backhand is the norm, and the one that is taught to most young players, the one-handed backhand is a stroke that is slowly disappearing.

In the current game, however, there are some players who not only hit a one-handed backhand, but do it so well that they are as good, and sometimes even better, than those with a two-hander.

One of those players is Stan Wawrinka, whose one-hander is as exquisite as it is unique. The way he strikes the ball (which makes it, at times, look like he is slapping it), his grip (quite classic), and the “flat stroke” he generates is as fantastic as it is incredible.

You can watch below a video by Stefan Dimov, which compiles 70 of the Swiss’s backhand winners. A video to watch with attention and with which it is impossible not to be in complete awe.

Is Stan Wawrinka’s the best one-handed backhand among active players?

Who has the best one-hander in history?