Good morning, good afternoon, good evening! This week, I have important news to share. That is, important for me, and I hope that they will also interest you.

Last week, alongside Martín Rondina, I have created a new Facebook page called T.U. (Tenistas Unidos). The idea for the page came after my open letter to the ITF and the repercussions this letter had and, as a result, the number of messages, support and diffusion that it received from various people. All this made me conscious of the necessity to improve the quality of the Futures tournaments and to have an adjustment in the prize money.

The idea behind this page, as its summary says, is to unite ourselves as colleagues with the common goal of improving the quality of our job, in other words, to put a stop to a tennis player’s “egotism” and find a way to unite towards the same goal.

For instance, those who play on the ATP World Tour complain that the calendar is too long and, thus, exhausting. However, they are unable to find the necessary unity in order to get what they want and, in the end, the ATP “wins” the battle. I think that this mostly happens because of the “egotism” to which I was referring. Those who believe it should change complain, whereas those who don’t think so or don’t think it will benefit them will not do anything for the others.

Playing doubles with my cousin, Matías
Playing doubles with my cousin, Matías

For our part, we, the Futures players, need to be more united, since we do not have the weight that a big name of the tour has, nor do we have, on our own, the means to bring about changes. This is why I’m insisting: this page isn’t mine or Martín’s; it belongs to every person who loves this sport, be they players or involved in it in one way or another. And that’s why I invite everyone who wishes it to follow Tenistas Unidos (Tennis Players United, also on Twitter) and become a part of that space, to comment, share, and suggest things.

As for myself, I started the first week of my pre-season on Monday, with usually only one session of physical training, and some days, double session. Next week I will start with my complete training, which is both physical and two sessions of tennis.

Until next week! Meanwhile, do not hesitate to share your opinions and ideas regarding this “egotism” which I was mentioning, as this sport belongs to us all.

I wish you all to spend a very happy Christmas with your family! Merry Christmas!

(All photos courtesy of Tomás Buchhass)