Following Tomás Buchhass’s open letter to the ITF earlier this week, the Federation has taken time to reply to the 22-year-old player in terms which cannot be thought of as hopeful.

“Dear Tomás:

Thank you for your message of 24 November, which has been transferred to me.

Your frustration is patently obvious, but I can understand that your comments have been sent with good intentions, and you are right to bring the issue to our attention. I will try to investigate and respond to all the problems that you have mentioned, but my immediate priority is to see, if possible, what can be done in order to improve the playing conditions for this week’s tournament. Within the next hour, I am hoping to be able to talk about this issue with a representative of the Chilean Tennis Federation. Once I will have spoken with them, I will contact the supervisor, so please contact him to get more information.


Jackie Nesbitt”

The fact that the ITF will discuss with the Chilean Federation is, in itself, a great improvement and a good response.

However, we may be led to think, by the message, that the rest of Buchhass’s complaints, which are also those of many Futures players, will, once again, remain lettre morte.

I sure hope that I am wrong in my thinking.

Following this response, Buchhass also contested and rendered his message public:

“Hello Jackie,

Thank you for the reply. My comments were and will always be done in good faith, because the purpose of those mails is the growth of this sport in a deteriorated sector. Regarding the Futures of Chile/Temuco, the issues are irremediable. It is impossible to fix an abandoned court in two days, nor set up a place for the players to eat in so short a time.

I wanted this message, as well as the following ones, to be centred on the other aspects that I have mentioned you. I don’t know whether or not you are the correct ITF person to whom I should discuss those issues with. The topics I’m directly getting into are our neglect by the ITF (regarding the Futures).

The prize money has been of 10,000 USD for many, many years and it’s not enough! It is very scarce. The prize money is increased in the Majors, but for the bottom of the scale, there is no such increase. We need your support. We are begging you to give us a hand, to get closer to us, to help us. We beg you!

In spite of all this, we have to play in inadequate conditions. I am addressing you because I believe that being the International Tennis Federation, you are able to do something in this regard. We need it to be done now, that measures should be taken, that the prize money should be increased, and that more facilities should be provided to us in order to continue developing what we love. These things end the dreams of many players.

If you’re not the correct person to address these issues, I am asking you to please put us in contact with the appropriate person. Furthermore, I would like to bring to your attention that all this has been immensely spread, and received a lot of support from all the players, international figures like Guillermon Coria, Feliciano López, Juan Mónaco, Carlos Berlocq, and many more players, who feel it as much as I do.

We will continue to communicate. We will not tire of doing so. If the benefit of all this doesn’t reach us, at least we will have done that sacrifice so that the ones who are coming after us won’t have to go through the same things.

Many thanks! I will wait for your answer.

Tomás Buchhass”

The names mentioned are those who have publicly voiced their support to Tomás’s campaign, led by World n°14 Feliciano López:

We may only hope that it will not be in vain. It is high time that the ITF make some changes in the Futures, which have not known any improvement as far as their conditions are concerned for about 20 years.

Please note that all translations provided in this article are ours.