(Please note that this text is an opinion and only engages the writer.)

The “Kyrgios affair”, as we can now call it, did more than one victim. Everyone talks, with reason, about Stan Wawrinka and the ball kid who has received the verbal abuse of the Aussie. However, two other people were involved in the matter, people who never asked for that and to whom Kyrgios’s words did a lot of harm.

The first of them is Thanasi Kokkinakis, who is one of Kyrgios’s best friends (with friends like that, he does not need enemies). But the one who, in my opinion, is suffering the most from Wednesday’s events is Donna Vekic.

The 19-year-old Croatian was mentioned not once, but twice by Kyrgios during the match, at moments where he did not realise that the microphones were catching all that he was saying. Once when he muttered “and he sleeps with a 19-year-old girl”, and a second time in his now sadly famous “Kokkinakis banged your girlfriend”.

As a woman, I cannot let any of this pass without reacting because since the events, I have seen many comments from people, which range from calling her (pardon my language) a slut and a home wrecker to many similar insults, as well as dirty proposals from idiotic boys.

She is a victim that too few are defending, to whom very few pay attention. Yet her situation is probably the worst of all concerned by the incident, and she has not asked for it, nor does she deserve it and the treatment she has been receiving by some people since Wednesday.

Vekic is a very talented young player, with a bright future ahead of her. However, with her alleged private life thus exposed, the mental consequences could be, for her, disastrous. From people abusing her in the social media since Wednesday, to boys making her vulgar proposals in the same places, to people who will attend her matches and scream insults and vulgarities to her in her next tournaments, and the people’s whispers when she will be passing, the Croatian will need to work very hard to build herself a wall to try and make her impervious to all those outside things.

Things that can ruin, or even destroy, her promising career.

Hurtful things that she has definitely not asked to receive.

Things that Donna Vekic doesn’t need nor deserve to endure.

Don’t forget her. She now needs all the support she can get from us to face this uncalled for situation which she has been forced into against her will.