Nico Almagro is going through a special moment. Upon his return to competition, he defeated both Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and David Ferrer, against whom he had never won in six and fifteen encounters, respectively. This week’s wins were a first for him, and the reason for it is clear:

“The key is belief, being physically well.

“Tennis is like riding a bike. I don’t think I’ve forgotten how to play tennis. I just wasn’t finding any consistency, and I wasn’t physically fit to be able to compete for many consecutive days. There was some discomfort, and this brought me down mentally… there were many doubts. And right now, those doubts I had are far away. I’m full of positivity. Many aspects of my life, or almost all of them, have changed.

“I’ve started a new stage of my life, a new life, and I will try to make the most of it. I want to finish my career knowing that I gave all that I had.”

Is marriage the reason behind the Spaniard’s change?

“Marriage is a change of marital status, but my happiness has been to meet my wife two and a half years ago. This was what really changed me. I feel privileged to have met the person with whom I can share my life. She’s also part of all that’s happening. She’s a person who only had positive words towards my career in what was probably the worst times I was going through. This is really nice. I don’t have the tiniest hesitation in talking to her about everything that’s happening to me.

“She told me that everything was a matter of time. That if I believed, in the end, things would work out. It was only a matter of belief. I think she’s the woman of my life and I think that we will achieve a lot of things together.”

So it was all a matter of confidence?

“If you believe that you can win, you will. I thought about her in the worst moments of the match. Today, as in every win that I’ve had since I’ve known her, I dedicated the victory to her, and to all my family.”

Nico Almagro has always been a champion on the court. The power he generated with each of his shots is impressive.

And it seems like the everything clicked in his head thanks to his wife, Rafi Lardín, whom he married last November. He is one more proof that marriage works.

(Foto: La Opinión de Murcia)