– By Pablo Revale and Caroline Paquin

This Sunday was not a good day for Bernard Tomic.

Not only did he lose in four sets to John Isner, who sealed the Unided States’s 3-1 victory over Australia in Kooyong, but his head was in other place. Unbelievably, the Aussie questioned Nick Kyrgios’s illness during a change of ends, even going as far as insulting his friend and team-mate in the process. (“Bullsh*t he’s sick.”)


In press, Tomic went further: “I’d like to see if we will be playing Indian Wells, because if he does, he will lose some of my respect.”

Of course, Kyrgios, as is his habit with everyone, did not hesitate to tweet his feelings on the subject:

The young generation of Aussie players really has a bizarre way of acting towards their friends… First it was Kyrgios towards Kokkinakis in Montreal and, today, Tomic’s words towards Kyrgios in the middle of a Davis Cup match.

(Photo: Getty Images)