Vasek Pospisil is back in Montreal, at the very place where he reached his first Masters 1000 semifinals, two years ago (in which he lost a heartbreaker to Milos Raonic), and he could not be happier to be back here to play the tournament again, after suffering a wrist injury in Wimbledon, which has kept him out of the Davis Cup quarter-finals in Belgium.

“It took a little bit of time to heal up the body and getting some groove as well but luckily last week I was able to play some good tennis and the body’s feeling good right now so I’m looking forward to my first round”, declared the Canadian. “I did rehab there for a little bit. I had an injection then took 10 days completely off without doing anything, then started up again. But it wasn’t 100% when I started hitting so I had to take a couple more days off and go very slow. I didn’t have the greatest preparation but it’s getting better slowly.”

After reaching the third round in Washington last week, where he fell to eventual runner-up John Isner, the 25-year-old came back to get ready for the tournament, excited at the perspective of playing in front of the local crowd. “It’s a tournament in Canada and I play with the crowd”, he said. “It gives me a lot of positive energy and I think that I am, right now, in a moment in which I’m playing well. It’s my favourite tournament, with the crowd and all.”

This week, Pospisil will only play singles, despite being one of the best doubles players in the world alongside partner Jack Sock. However, there is a reason for that choice: “The main reason is that I’m playing the Cincinnati qualifications, so if I were playing doubles here, I wouldn’t be able to play the quallies there”, he specified. “The other reason is that it’s a good idea for me to only play singles here and to focus solely on that because it’s a tournament in which I have good chances to play well, so I wanted to keep my energy for the singles.”

Does this mean he will stop playing doubles at some point? Absolutely not. As Pospisil said: “I play doubles for my singles, so I think I will always play doubles, but it’s not something regular. I play well with Jack, so if we win tournaments or something (it’s nice to win), then we’ll play some times, but it’s for sure that my priority is the singles.”

Vasek Pospisil will play his first match on Tuesday, against qualifier Rendy Lu.